Old Made New

This was a journal that I had made for a seminar series that I had made for note taking. I thought it was the perfect base for a smash journal. I love using those bits of scraps that all paper artist collect. When I am finished stuffing my book, I'll share some photos of what will certainly be my favorite pages.

Art Project Updated

There are a few projects that I made when I was first new to rubber stamping (2000) that I still have around! This little box is one of them. I made it with my two sister-in-laws and that makes it worthy of saving. It originally held a small book made from one sheet of paper with pockets that held messages. When I removed the book, I realized it was the same size as ATC's and that became perfect for my collection of cards I have made called "Mrs. Brady". I added the red ribbon at the bottom of the cards to make it easier to remove the ATC's from the box.

ATC Storage

I have three different antique sewing machine drawers full of awesome ATC's. I am looking forward to many more drawers to be filled!

Art Journal Returns Home

After experiencing making journals where my art sisters participated gave me an addiction I can live with - it's totally contributes to good living and lots of joy! I mailed blank pages to each participating artist and then rebound the book after all the pages were returned to me. I added lots of ribbons to the spiral spine and tabs to the individual pages. The two-page spreads shown are two different contributing artists and it is as if they collaborated in advanced with how well their pages complimented each other!

Thank Shoe RSM!

Thank you Roberta Sperling, Editor in Chief and Sarah Hoban, awesome writer for RSM! Loved, loved the feature article of Sister Act. And sending you huge hugs for posting photos of my shoe on your Facebook page and in the new issue!

If you are one my blog followers you already know that I love sending a shoe in the mail. Each one is different and being sent for a different reason. Each shoe that I have altered has been a lot of fun for me making and mailing. I have been told by the recipient that there is a whole lotta joy in receiving such a piece of "mail"....very unexpected!

Happy Valentine to you Sharon!

Lucky me as I was the last artist in our round-robin rotation to altered Sharon's calendar.  She chose an outdated Somerset Studio calendar, then removed the pages of the artist's work leaving behind only the pages with the printed calendar. What a clever idea!
I thought I would alter two pages (front & back) as the other members did.  When I realized that I was the last one to work on her calendar, the game plan changed.  One page led to another .... altering the whole month of February was so much fun!

I absolutely loved doing all of February!

Dress Banner

 The dress banner made by the other artists in my art group hang in my studio window.  I get lots of light from this window but not the sun so I am not concerned so much about fading.
This is the dress banner I had made that shows a wedding photo of my parents.  It became the inspiration of the other artists as they all included a photo on their banner. 

As Promised...

This is my version of a "smash journal"..... and as promised I am sharing a few of my favorite pages.  Originally this journal was filled with notes from a seminar that I no longer needed. Instead of removing the pages, I decided to just add the scraps of papers and images from previous projects.  It's a great way to use up those bits and pieces that we cannot seem to toss.